Global Wellness Fund Treaty

Almost Literally Turning Swords Into Plowshares
Did You Know?
At least 20% of the world's people live in abject poverty.

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Global Wellness Fund Treaty

I express sincere thanks for your unfailing assitance, but more significantly, for our affinity.

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Signatory nations would agree to reduce their military expenditures by a certain percentage annually, for at least five years, and donate the savings to a Global Wellness Fund. This fund would be administered by the United Nations Development Programme, working with certified "Recipient States" to meet basic human needs and develop their agriculture, education and health systems, improve their economies, and enhance democracy.

The Gist of the Treaty

  • Directly links disarmament and development.
  • Reduces military expenditures by at least 35%.
  • Security provisions allay fears of vulnerability.
  • Meets basic human needs, develops internal systems, improves economies, and enhances democracy.
Creating a Community of Compassion, a Global Wellness Society
Copyright 2003 Alliance for the Global Wellness Fund Treaty

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